Management by Computer is the key to growing your business into a top market competitor.
Satisfying customers all around the Atlanta area takes efficient, responsiive professional services; here's what we can do for you:
Welcome to the Future of Service!
  • Dynamic Web Management
  • Property management 
  • Cross-department training
  • Enterprise transitional development 
  • Call-center staffing
  • Efficient service engine sizing support
Key Performance Measurements
MbC is your #1 source for professional services. We include performance guarantees into each of our  contracts, measuring achievement in 10 key areas: 
Net quarterly revenue
Delivery dispute resolution
Quarterly staff thresholds
SIte performance deltas
Shareholder value index
"Management by Computer turned our business into a success.  Now that's what I call performance!

-J Lee, Reardon and Co.
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Customer satisfaction indices
On-time best practices
Fibonacci survey achievement
Customer retention ratio
Cook growth index
Expertise on selecting, installing, using, and maintaining accounting software packages.
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Advice and maintenance for all small business needs, from networks to office space.
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Match you with a qualified CPA for all your auditing needs.
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Business Effiency
Audit Resources